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20 June 2012 @ 01:36 am
[sticky post] [lyric directory] A-Z  

Since it's getting a bit messy, I decided to make a directory of lyrics I've translated (:

Some of these translations (for example ones from '09) I have not been able to rework yet, so the translation style my be drastically different depending on when I initially translated them! >< I'll fix them eventually :O If there's any single one that's particularly confusing and you'd like me to look at it please comment on that post and I'll do so ^^b

Last updated: 6.20.2012

By Name
[click!] Beautiful Life - w-inds.
[click!] CAN'T GET BACK - w-inds.
[click!] Color - w-inds.
[click!] Don't Give Up - w-inds.
[click!] Drive Alive - Lead
[click!] ESCAPE! - Kyohei Kaneko
[click!] Everyday - w-inds.
[click!] Eyes on You - Kyohei Kaneko
[click!] Fighting For Love - w-inds.
[click!] Feel My Heart - Kyohei Kaneko
[click!] GET DIZZY - Lead
[click!] Giragira Romantic - Lead
[click!] Hand in Hand - w-inds.
[click!] Hello - w-inds.
[click!] High Tension DAY - Lead
[click!] HYBRID DREAM - w-inds.
[click!] I Wish - WaT
[click!] i'm a man - w-inds.
[click!] I'm Here - Koike Teppei
[click!] In the Red - w-inds.
[click!] INNOVATOR - w-inds.
[click!] Jikan no Naka de - Kyohei Kaneko
[click!] Kanade - Sukima Switch
[click!] Kanashi - RADWIMPS
[click!] Kanashimi wa kitto - UVERworld
[click!] Kiseki - GReeeeN
[click!] Kimi ~Sakura~ - Lead (Hiroki Nakadoi)
[click!] Listen to the Rain - w-inds.
[click!] LOVE - w-inds.
[click!] Message - Haruhiko Tadokoro
[click!] Message - w-inds.
[click!] More than words - w-inds.
[click!] New Day - w-inds.
[click!] New World - w-inds.
[click!] No Doubts - w-inds.
[click!] Nijuugo kome no Senshokutai - RADWIMPS
[click!] Pain - Kyohei Kaneko
[click!] Past Tense - w-inds.
[click!] Rain is Falling - w-inds.
[click!] RELOADED - w-inds.
[click!] Rock it - w-inds.
[click!] Seishun on Kagayaki - WaT
[click!] Shangri-La - w-inds.
[click!] Sick of You - Kyohei Kaneko
[click!] Smile - Koike Teppei
[click!] Space Drifter - w-inds.
[click!] Spinning Around - w-inds.
[click!] Stay - w-inds.
[click!] Stay with me - Lead (Akira Kagimoto)
[click!] Summer Days - w-inds.
[click!] Taisetsu na mono - Lead
[click!] Thanks for Standing By Me - Kyohei Kaneko
[click!] The Vibe - Lead
[click!] To My Fans - w-inds.
[click!] Tokyo - w-inds.
[click!] Tribute - w-inds.
[click!] Urban Dance - w-inds.
[click!] Wakaba - Spitz
[click!] YES OR NO - w-inds.
[click!] You & I - w-inds.
[click!] You're the Only One - Lead (Keita Furuya)
[click!] You are... - w-inds.
[click!] Yume no Tsubasa - Kyohei Kaneko
[click!] Zirconia - w-inds.

By Artist

[click!] Kiseki

Haruhiko Tadokoro
[click!] Message

Koike Teppei
[click!] I'm Here
[click!] Smile

Kyohei Kaneko
[click!] ESCAPE!
[click!] Eyes on You
[click!] Feel My Heart
[click!] Jikan no Naka de
[click!] Pain
[click!] Sick of You
[click!] Thanks for Standing By Me
[click!] Yume no Tsubasa

[click!] Drive Alive
[click!] GET DIZZY
[click!] Giragira Romantic
[click!] High Tension DAY
[click!] Kimi ~Sakura~ (Hiroki Nakadoi)
[click!] Stay with me (Akira Kagimoto)
[click!] Taisetsu na Mono
[click!] The Vibe
[click!] You're the Only One (Keita Furuya)

[click!] Kanashi
[click!] Nijuugo kome no Senshokutai

[click!] Wakaba - Spitz

Sukima Switch
[click!] Kanade

[click!] Kanashimi wa kitto

[click!] Beautiful Life
[click!] Color
[click!] Don't Give Up
[click!] Everyday
[click!] Fighting For Love
[click!] Hand in Hand
[click!] Hello
[click!] HYBRID DREAM[
[click!] i'm a man
[click!] In the Red
[click!] INNOVATOR
[click!] Listen to the Rain
[click!] LOVE
[click!] Message
[click!] More than words
[click!] New Day
[click!] New World
[click!] No Doubts
[click!] Past Tense
[click!] Rain is Falling
[click!] RELOADED
[click!] Rock it
[click!] Shangri-La
[click!] Spinning Around
[click!] Space Drifter
[click!] Stay
[click!] Summer Days
[click!] To My Fans
[click!] Tokyo
[click!] Tribute
[click!] Urban Dance
[click!] YES OR NO
[click!] You & I
[click!] You are...
[click!] Zirconia

[click!] I Wish
[click!] Seishun on Kagayaki