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[lyrics] Wakaba - Spitz


優しい光に 照らされながら あたり前のように歩いてた
扉の向こう 目を凝らしても 深い霧で何も見えなかった

ずっと続くんだと 思い込んでいたけど
指のすき間から こぼれていった

思い出せる いろんなこと
花咲き誇る頃に 君の笑顔で晴れた 街の空
涼しい風 鳥の歌声 並んで感じていた
つなぐ糸の細さに 気づかぬままで

忘れたことも 忘れるほどの 無邪気でにぎやかな時ん中
いつもとちがう マジメな君の 「怖い」ってつぶやきが解んなかった

暖めるための 火を絶やさないように
大事な物まで 燃やすところだった

思い出せる いろんなこと
花咲き誇る頃に 可愛い話ばかり 転がってた
裸足になって かけ出す痛み それさえも心地良く
一人よがりの意味も 知らないフリして

思い出せる すみずみまで
若葉の繁る頃に 予測できない雨に とまどってた
泣きたいほど 懐しいけど ひとまずカギをかけて
少しでも近づくよ バカげた夢に


yasashii hikari ni  terasarenagara atarimae no you ni aruiteta
tobira no mukou  me wo korashitemo  fukaikiri de nanimo mienakatta

zutto tsudzuku da to omoikondeita kedo
yubi no sukima kara koboreteitta

omoidaseru ironna koto
hana sakihokoru goro ni kimi no egao de hareta  machi no sora
suzushii kaze  tori no utagoe  nerande kanjiteita
tsunagu ito no hososa ni  kidzukanu mama de

wasureta koto mo wasureru hodo no mujyaki de nigyayaka na tokin naka
itsumo to chigau majime na kimi no "kowai" tte tsubuyaki ga wakannakatta

atatameru tame no hi wo tayasanai you ni
daiji na mono made moyasu tokoro datta

omoidaseru ironna koto
hana sakihokoru goro ni kawaii hanashi bakari korogatteta
hadashi ni natte kakedasu itami  sore sae mo shinchiyoku
hitoriyogari no imi mo shiranai FURI shite

omoidaseru sumizumi made
wakaba no shigeru goro ni yosoku dekinai ame ni tomadotteta
nakitai hodo natsukashii kedo hitomazu kagi wo kakete
sukoshi demo chikadzuku yo bakageta yume ni
ima kimi no shiranai michi wo arukihajimeru

English Translation

I walked as if nothing was out of the ordinary as light gently shined on me
Even if I tried to focus my eyes on one thing,
from the other side of the door, through the thick fog, I couldn't see a thing

I was convinced that this would go on forever,
but it all fell through my fingers

I can still remember it all;
How, when the flowers were at their fullest, you'd smile and it'd all be okay
The sky above the city, the cool breeze, the singing chirps of birds
All things we'd felt, experienced.
At the time, we had yet to realize just how thin this thread connecting us was.

At that moment of simple-minded bustling, you were so serious
So different from usual that I forgot all of the things I did
I couldn't understand why you murmured, "I'm scared"

Rather than letting this fire that kept us warm go out,
we instead let it burn all the things that were precious to us

I can still remember it all;
How, when the flowers were at their fullest,
we just told each other cute stories, one after another
Even the pain of breaking away barefoot was a pleasant one
We pretended we did not know the meaning of self-satisfaction

I can still remember it all; every nook, every corner
When new leaves began to grow thick, we stood, bewildered, in the unpredictable rain
Everything is so nostalgic that I could cry, but for the time being I'm locking my tears away
Getting just a little closer to that foolish dream of yours,
Now you're beginning a new path, walking along an unfamiliar road
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