DASH!!ignition (dash_ignition) wrote in veeai_project,

[updates] 2009.12.25

Hey guys (: Been a while :D

I know I've been on break and all, but I had a Bio IA lab due on Sunday and a IoP thing for my English class due Monday, so couldn't really do much. Saturday I had community service for six hours after church, too, so yeah, no time. :\

Apart from that, I've been cleaning the house and doing Christmas shopping. The main reason why I've been putting this update off is 'cause there's this guuuuuuy *cough* from Japan that's here for winter break. <3 and yeah, I think you get the point. I met him last year when he came to my school for a homestay for a week, then saw him again this summer when I went to Japan for a homestay for a week. After winter break he's going back to Japan :[[ so I'm like jfsdiojhgfih and trying to hang with him as much as possible. :33 iplantoconfesstohimnextweekbutimhellascaredddd hahaha. ok, enough ranting on my part. xD;

aaaaaaanyways! episode 9's up. I haven't even watched the finale myself, so once I watch that I'll get on doing it. But you might have to wait, as I still have finals when I get back from break and I've got family stuff going on >__<

<3 vi

Tags: !updates
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