DASH!!ignition (dash_ignition) wrote in veeai_project,

Rules :D

hey guys (:
some quick ground rules for everyone.. :]

- These subs are not to show up on any streaming site whatsoever. So, if someone sees them up, please let me know.

- These subs are not to be posted anywhere else without my permission, and are for one's personal viewing pleasure only.
*when using these subs or posting somewhere else, just let me know &be sure to post a link back to my blog or this LJ community :D

- Do not hardsub, sell, auction, or rent these without my permission! THESE FANSUBS ARE FREE OF CHARGE.

These rules are subject to change. Last edited 2009.11.15 @ 12:57 PM

As of 2009.12.12, there have been additional rules. see here for details.

Enjoy!! ^___^v
Tags: !rules
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