December 24th, 2011

[culture notes] Tomehane! Episode 3

*gantoushougyounojo; is a book that is known as the "masterpiece of standardized handwriting" and is used by many of those studying calligraphy as a model. It was hard to find information on this in English, but on youtube there are videos of people utilizing the textbook to practice if you type in 雁塔聖教序.

*kyuuseikyuureisenmei; is a model that helps calligraphy beginners learn the fundamentals of standardized calligraphy.  many elementary and middle school students learn from this book.

*"What one likes, one will do well in"; is a poverb or ことわざ (kotowaza). In Japanese, it's written 好きこそ物の上手なれ (sukikoso mono no jouzu nare)

*Mr. Seifuu; Kageyama is referring to Seifuu Miura, just utilizing his first name rather than his last.

*We'll have to retire from school clubs; in Japan, in order to get into a college students have to study and take a different exam for each college that they want to attend. This is why typically in their senior years (third year of high school), the students typically will retire from school clubs so that they will be able to study for their entrance exams.

*Ossu!; is something that is said particularly between males, but is also commonly said by females that play very athletic or somewhat masculine-esque sports (like judou). It can be used as a greeting or to mean "yes, sir!"

*banzai!; is something that Japanese people say when they are celebrating.

link to the episode

Thought I'd finish this episode up as a Christmas present to anyone who's still waiting. Angel Bank 3 will be up before the end of the year hopefully! :) Happy holidays! ♥