July 29th, 2010

[updates] 2010.7.29

Jeez, my updates need to start getting more consistent like they were with Ohitorisama. >___>;

Surprise surprise -- once I think my life has calmed down we get a letter saying my family business was getting audited. T___T

= I had to help out at the house and in the business a loooot, since my mom has two jobs so :/

ANYWAYS. on a lighter note, Angel Bank episode 2 is out
Also, since I think someone took it upon themselves to sub Nakanai at D-addicts, I'm going to save that drama for last and just finish up Tomehane! and Angel Bank first since no one's done those yet. Unless I get bored I'll finish the last 30-40% of the first episode of Nakanai, lol. Sorry for everyone who's waiting for that :/

Though I suppose if enough people comment saying they want Nakanai I can work on it xD;

thanks for anyone who's still there for sticking around with me :]