February 7th, 2010

[updates] 2010.2.07

hi everyone,

sorry for being MIA. My English teacher likes to give us two projects a week (one being a video he wants to look PROFESSIONAL? wth. i thought it was an English class..? not film), my school admin likes to go against my breakdance club (because they think we're going to die) so we might have to have it abolished (wow, similarity with Tomehane!, much? D:), and my body likes to get sick at the worst possible times. ever. :[

buuut yeah, i'm sick but i've been trying to work on the episodes. I just finished Tomehane! 1 (took a while coz i didn't know much about calligraphy..) and i've been working on Angel Bank 2 but honestly those are going to take forever because business talk really goes over my head :| Naka nai to Kimeta Hi is better and a heck of a lot easier for me to translate for some reason, so I sort of have been switching around on the dramas so there's like half of all of them left. I'll finish up tho,  so don't worry I'm not dropping anything.

and sorry for lateness guys :[

life just has to go on and decide to suck sometimes T__T but expect more updates now. i'm getting the hang of things second semester now. (: