January 19th, 2010

[Drama] Angel Bank: Occupation Change Agent

"As you are right now, you have a value of 0 yen!" - Yasuo Ebisawa

This work revolves around a woman, Mamako Ino (Kyoko Hasegawa), in her 30's who is stuck in a severe employment problem. Unexpectedly, she is scouted by Yasuo Ebisawa (Katsuhisa Namase), an occupation change agent, who employs her as an agent herself. Collapse )

Episode 1-2!
Collapse )

btw, subs are timed to the file provided at d-addicts here
Japanese subs provided here as uploaded/ripped from the original broadcast by qop123 (link) and furransu (link).
Thank you very much!!

[updates] 2010.1.19

Thanks again for everyone's kind words of encouragement!

For now, since I completely utterly forgot I had to read three plays for tomorrow (well, in like, five hours..since it's 2:00 and I have school at 7:45, hahaha) I'll only have the first episode of Angel Bank done for now. (I'm glad that show comes out on Thursdays, lol) The Tomehane! episode might not come out until the end of the week, but we'll see how things go. Those episodes are infinitely easier to translate than Angel Bank with all its business talk (haha D:) and also k1s3k1  decided to be amazing and send me timing for the first episode :D <3

anyways, first episode of Angel Bank is up, so check it out if you'd like! :]