January 17th, 2010

[annoucement] new drama projects (:

Hello Everyone! :D

As you can see, veeai_project got a makeover! (Thank goodness! that other layout was burning my eyes out @__@) Thanks to Trish, chychaai , for the amazingness <3

Also, I'd like to say thanks for all the feedback in your emails and comments :]

Due to everyone's suggestions, I've chosen to sub the following:
Angel Bank

And in the future I also plan to pick up Naka nai to Kimeta Hi.

In terms priority, because Angel Bank will mostlikely have its own timing done with the Japanese scripts, Angel Bank is top priority right now. (It also got the most votes :P) Tomehane! is only six episodes long and two are out already. I can do this series by ear, but because I don't have a Japanese script for it, the timing will take a while. Please be patient (:

As for Nakanai to Kimeta Hi, I'm not sure about how face the pace will be for this one, but I'd like to do this series because 1) I love Nana Eikura and 2) it seemed like an interesting storyline. I may wait until after I finish Angel Bank and Tomehane! before I start on this one, but it's also due to be out next week so we'll see about it when the time comes (:

I dropped one of my classes for the upcoming semester and opted for a TA period in Japanese, so I can probably work on translating then for Angel Bank, so hopefully the pace will keep up.

This is a huge step for me, so thank you everyone for your continued support! <3

Oh, and also, if anyone would like to check it out, I spent a good majority of today working out a FansubWiki!

So uhhhh, now what's my next step? lol. I'm new to this stuff, so my apologies for any stumbles in the process. I suppose once I finish the first episode of Angel Bank or Tomehane! I'll post them up at D-addicts...? Then we'll go from there, lol.

Thanks again!