January 15th, 2010

[updates] 2010.1.15

Hi everyone! :D

HAPPY NEW YEARRR! though I'm like, 15 days late :O I had finals this week, so I was doing lots of studying and project turning-in the past two weeks. Hence, lateness on the finale subs. (sorry about that!) just finished finals yesterday and they gave us today off, so I spent the entire day doing the finale (and cleaning ^^;) But thank goodness finals are over! (who had the big idea to have them AFTER break, anyways?! D:)

aaaaaanyways! episode 10 is up for anyone who wants to go check it out (: Also posted a lyrics directory. I have probably 70 or 80+ songs that I've translated that aren't up here yet. That's going to take forevvvvvvver :O

enjoy! and also, if anyone has suggestions for the next subbing project? I'm open to pretty much anything :DD drop a comment by!