DASH!!ignition (dash_ignition) wrote in veeai_project,

[updates] 2010.8.2

Hey guys :]

First episode for Naka Nai to Kimeta Hi is up, for anyone who's been waiting for that. I think the beginning just took me a while to get into, because once I got it I went through the drama pretty fast >__>;;

Next up: Tomehane! ep3, Angel Bank ep3, and Naka Nai ep 2!

I am aware that someone's already translating Naka Nai at D-Addicts since I took way too long, but I like to finish what I started ^^; I haven't looked any any versions of subs at D-Addicts and I don't plan to because it could put a bias on my translations. I may look at them afterwards, though :D

Also, I'm proud to announce that Angel Bank is going to be hardsubbed in collaboration with ANM (ao no michi) Fansubs!
We just decided this, so that haven't released hardsubs yet, but please join their community and keep an eye out for them! :Dv

Also, they're going to do pre-timing for me, so hopefully Angel Bank subs will push out faster, yeah? :]]

Hope all's well!

Tags: !updates
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