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[drama] Tomehane! (COMPLETE!)

A story about a high school calligraphy club on the verge of breaking up that enters in a major competition while overcoming problems. Yuki, a promising female judoist, and Yukari, a quiet Canadian-raised boy who just returned to Japan, end up joining the club for the sake of maintaining the membership required to keep the club. Together with the old club members with unique characters, they gradually discover the fun of calligraphy and work together to win in the competition. -- NHK

source: asianmediawiki

Episodes 1-6 *zip included* [COMPLETE]
DOWNLOADS: *by downloading you are agreeing that you have read and will follow the rules (here)*

Episode 1: *new 2010.2.07*
MF [click!] | MU [click!] | SS [click!]
*culture notes: [link!]

Episode 2: *new 2010.6.19*
MF [click!] | MU [click!] | SS [click!]
*culture notes: [link!]

Episode 3: *new 2011.12.24*
MF [click!] | MU [click!] | SS [click!]
*culture notes: [link!]

Episode 4: *new 2011.12.30*
MF [click!] | MU [click!] | SS [click!]
*culture notes: [link!]

Episode 5: *new 2012.12.04*
MF [click!] | SS [click!]
*culture notes: [link!]

Episode 6: *new 2012.12.05*
MF [click!] | SS [click!]
*culture notes: [link!]

Episodes 1-6: *full zip folder 1-6*
MF [click!] | SS [click!]

*rename the subs to match your file. (:
*best viewed with VLC Windows Media Player Classic, since they're .ass files now :)

btw, subs are timed to the file provided at d-addicts here

Japanese subs provided here as uploaded/ripped from the original broadcast by qop123 (link) and furransu (link). Timing provided by furransu and marisora@naver.com!
Thank you very much!!
Tags: drama, drama: completed, drama: tomehane!
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