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Since it's getting a bit messy, I decided to make a directory of lyrics I've translated (:

Some of these translations (for example ones from '09) I have not been able to rework yet, so the translation style my be drastically different depending on when I initially translated them! >< I'll fix them eventually :O If there's any single one that's particularly confusing and you'd like me to look at it please comment on that post and I'll do so ^^b

Last updated: 6.20.2012

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[culture notes] Tomehane! Episode 6 (FINAL)

I actually didn't find anything that I really needed to expand on in this final episode -- they did a pretty good job of explaining everything themselves. 

>> link to the subtitles <<

translator's rambling;
If you haven't noticed, I'm posting from a different account. This is my first actual personal Live Journal account, so if you'd like to check it out please do, lol. Enjoy the finale! I found it rather enjoyable. I actually hadn't watched the last two episodes myself until last night and today when I translated them, so it was pretty fun.

[culture notes] Tomehane! Episode 5

*senpai; In Japan (and most Asian countries for that matter..) age plays a big part in the respoect hierarchy. Here is just one more example; younger students refer to their older classmates as "senpai", which means "older classmate." The equivilent for younger students (an older classmate calling a younger one) would be kouhai, though senpai can basially call those younger than them however they want (which is why Kyoko calls Yukari by his first name)

*ame ni mo makezu; Is a famous poem written by Kenji Miyazawa. It was originally written in very little kanji and with katakana (rather than hiragana) as the main syllabary. An English translation can be found here: http://www.kenji-world.net/english/download/works/Rain.html

*thanks to you/okagesama de; In Japan, it is not uncommon for one to say "thanks to you" even if they didn't do anything (out of respect). For example, if someone said, "how are you?" One can reply with "okagesama de, genki desu." which could be translated to mean something along the lines of "My family is okay, that's for asking" rather than the literal translation which would be, "thanks to you, my family is okay" since the other party most likely did not do anything, haha.

*Motonari Mori; Mori's territory was right between the Amago and Ouchi clans and he succeeded the Mori family name and had to protect his land. He is known to have given each of his three sons a single arrow, asking them to snap it. After they snapped their arrows, he then gave them each three arrows, asking them to repeat the action. Needless to say, they were unable to break through the thickness of the arrows. The moral of this lesson is that a single person alone can be easily defeated, but many together cannot.

link to the episode

Translator's Babble;
It might take me a while, but i'm not going to abandon my projects, haha. If anyone's even out there waiting for this, then here you go! And, if not, then this is good practice for me anyways.. especially since I neeeeeeeeeever get to use my Japanese anymore! :( But yeah man... film school + being in three dance crews is taking its toll on me physically so I'm always too exhausted when I get home to work on a project :( But I do want to have Tomehane! done before 2013. I breezed through this episode a lot faster than I have done episodes in the past, so it should be toooooo crazy.
But yeah! Anyways, IF there's anyone still here, ENJOY! lol. I'll post this on DD at some point, but I might wait until I finish the final episode before posting!

[lyrics] Message - Haruhiko Tadokoro

Soo... I was checking my Ameba blog for the first time in almost a year, and this guy named Haruhiko Tadokoro had left me some peta for the past couple of weeks. I decided to check out who he was, and found that he's an actor and singer. I figured he probably had his staff go to random blogs so that he would get more hits on his blog, but after reading his most recent entry 「あんね」 in which he discusses his father passing away recently, I got interested and found one of his songs from his first single. It was called "Message," and discusses living to better yourself no matter what life throws at you. Might be a little cliche, but who cares? That's how life really is sometimes, and sometimes that's really what you've got to do to keep on with your life. Tadokoro's vocals might not be super trained or anything, but the message was pretty nice, so I translated it. </ramble>

Have fun! lol

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